Food, Liquors, Cosmetics, Toilet, Hygiene and Cleaning, Dietary Supplements, Medications, Medical Devices, Vegetal Varieties

We do formalities in Colombia before the INVIMA such as:

  • Registries
  • Mandatory sanitary notifications
  • Renewals of domestic hygiene products, personal hygiene absorbents, alcoholic beverages, food, cosmetic products, medical devices, medications and medications to be subject to the Revision Commission.


  • Modifications in general, certificate of free sale, publicity certifications, non-binding certifications, visit and advisory for adaptation of facilities to obtain certificate of GMP, GAP, CSCC.
  • Registration of plants before the INVIMA.
  • Answering to sanction process.
  • Regarding medications, obtention of the MSI (Medications Sole Identifier) that includes the registration in the SISMED in the 3 levels, in the SIDAN, in PUNTO AZUL (Fenalco) and obtention of bar code.
  • ICA: Registration and renewal of quarantine plants, zoosanitary and fitosanitary permits, registry of vegetal varieties.
  • We do formalities in Colombia and Latin-America.

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